Moving Into The Holidays

Oct 14, 2010 473 Comments

As we move closer to the holidays, Start planning , it doesn’t have to become so stressed that you don’t enjoy it. If you are dressing up or just  your kids don’t wait till the end , get all the things you already have to use then make a list. go to thrift stores or fill in to complete your costumes and keep them all together before and after you use them so they are reusable . Another idea  your friends might not want to reuse their costumes, trade and change something. Most of all make sure you have a flashlight for safety , and we always use pillowcases for our bags . Your decorations again each year keep adding. The best time to add to your decorations as well as your costumes is the days after Halloween, stock up you can sometimes find things for next to nothing.Last buy a big tub in the orange or black color so when you pack it back up you can identify it from your other stuff. Be careful oh yah one more thing, go through your kids candy, have them pick out their favorites and donate the rest, they will not miss it. Trick or treat

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