Moving Into The Holidays

Oct 14, 2010 473 Comments

As we move closer to the holidays, Start planning , it doesn’t have to become so stressed that you don’t enjoy it. If you are dressing up or just  your kids don’t wait till the end , get all the things you already have to use then make a list. go to thrift stores or fill […]

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High School Reunion

Oct 06, 2010 426 Comments

So, I am getting ready to attend my 30th High School Reunion…arghhh! There are so many insecurities going through my head right now…I have really aged alot in the past 10 years, I did not accomplish the goals I set for myself right after graduation, and so on and so on…. This whole scenario reminds […]

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Our website is Live!

Oct 04, 2010 829 Comments

I am happy to announce the launch of my new website,  This website is to serve as a means for my listeners to get more in-depth information about the guests, topics, stories, and events we feature on our show.  I am only on-air for an hour every weekday, but now you’ll have access to my show […]

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Wine and Food…Keeping it simple

Oct 03, 2010 847 Comments

When learning to match food and wine, you don’t have to learn complicated systems in selecting the correct wine to go with the food on the table. This is not rocket science. There is a simple way to make great wine and food pairings when making a choice about what to pour with what you […]

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Rekindle your romance/Love your life

Oct 03, 2010 628 Comments

Kim really cherishes her relationships with her husband and kids.  In this feature, she has decided to touch on how they rekindle their romance with the man in their lives which of course only makes for happy families! Here are some tips and tricks of how they keep their marriages super-happy and how you can […]

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