7-18- 2011 – Trudeau, Schneider, Zeiler

Jul 22, 2011 849 Comments


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7-15-2011- Michel, McCready, Holland

Jul 22, 2011 664 Comments


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7-14-2011 – Prudence, Michel, Sass, Lewis, Kemp

Jul 22, 2011 955 Comments


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7-13-11 Michel, Deeds

Jul 22, 2011 720 Comments


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7-1-11 – Prudence, Code, Gottsman, Kasmir

Jul 22, 2011 550 Comments


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Summer checklist | Things to do around the house no school; long, lazy weekends; oodles of vacation days. So now what? Get to work, that’s what. Buck up, bub. Home • Join the fan…

Jun 09, 2011 1,288 Comments

Ah, summertime — no school; long, lazy weekends; oodles of vacation days. So now what? Get to work, that’s what. Buck up, bub. Home • Join the fan club: Install an energy-efficient ceiling fan — it can reduce your summer energy bill up to 40 percent, plus makes an 85 degree room feel like a […]

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Date Activities 9 Ideas for a Summer Romance with Your Husband

Jun 09, 2011 879 Comments

Karaoke Night – Start your summer with the best rendition you can offer of Grease’s “Summer Nights.”  Invite your friends on stage with you to sing back up, “Tell me more, tell me more like did he have a car?”  Nothing gets you in the Summer Lovin’ mood like Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta! Get your […]

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Vegetable Grilling Guide How to grill almost any vegetable you can think of By Derrick Riches

Jun 09, 2011 938 Comments

Grilling vegetables is easy. The fact that more people don’t do it is the strange thing. The general rule is to cut the vegetables into pieces that will cook quickly and evenly. All pieces should be of consistent thickness and no more than about 3/4 to 1 inch thick. Soak vegetables in cold water for […]

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Sun-In: How to Get the Perfect Summer Glow by Dana Oliver

Jun 09, 2011 886 Comments

A golden glow is the ultimate summer must-have, and it’s easy to get without soaking up harmful UV rays, baking in a tanning bed or smoothing on sunless tanners. Take a cue from the bronze beauties that floated down the Spring 2011 runways of Gucci, Donna Karan, Emilio Pucci, and Anna Sui, as well as celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé and Camila Alves who know […]

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Advice For Savvy Shopping

Jun 09, 2011 874 Comments

How to Use Online Coupons to Maximize Savings: 1. Crack the code. If you see a box asking for a promotional code, don’t skip over it or you will miss out on bigsavings.  Search for a code with the retailers name along with the term “promotional code” or go to aggregator sites like www.PromotionalCodes.com, www.CouponWinner.com and www.PromoCodes.com which organize […]

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