Looking great for the holidays

Oct 30, 2010 700 Comments

Looking great for the holidays doesn’t mean you have to have “Perfect Hair”. 

At Fashion Week’s all over the world there were many looks and trends that enable you to go from work to glam in just minutes…

Of course there were plenty of curls for holiday but every girl had a hankering for the chic minimalist styles that popped in every look  from sportswear trends to the very chic.  The hair of choice is a very sleek, pulled back look.  You can create that straight, pulled back look by investing in some great looking bands for your hair – they come in all colors and sizes.  Some even have sparkle and glam!  Pull your hair back into the band, attach, and apply some hairspray for unnecessary fly aways and you have a great look that can be pulled off in just minutes. 

The directional hair style gets  its appearance with hair parted on the side, pulled back in a very low ponytail.  You can even take the same look and make it glam by putting it up in a bun.  Try cinching it low to mimic a clean bob for an even more dramatic look,  it is easy to recreate.

Whether finished with a high ponytail or cinched into a tight bun, the new looks and styles are made popular by teachers and  librarians. This fresh spin takes out the wispiness of updos and ponytails. There’s never a flyaway in sight.

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