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Oct 03, 2010 628 Comments

Kim really cherishes her relationships with her husband and kids.  In this feature, she has decided to touch on how they rekindle their romance with the man in their lives which of course only makes for happy families!

Here are some tips and tricks of how they keep their marriages super-happy and how you can make these secrets work in your relationships.

Have tea/coffee for two-Kim wakes up extra early to have quiet time with her husband, have a cup of tea or coffee, and read the paper together.  She has found that this is such a great time to communicate about the day and keep up with the kid’s schedules.  This is a very calming way to get reacquainted before a busy day.  It is sweet and brings us closer.

Find a shared dream for your life together– It is so easy to get caught up in the busy stuff of married life!  What’s for dinner tonight, where does little Johnny need to be, whose turn is it to clean the litter box?  Successful couples quickly develop a “mindfulness” of us or the term of “being coupled”.  But the best partners never lose sight of the fact that they are working together to achieve the SAME BIG dreams.  They have a shared vision and use the term WE when stating things like “We are going to buy a house together”.  When you share your dreams, they are a heck of a lot more fun to make them come true together.

Please take a moment to share your dreams and happy marriage tips with Kim.

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