Kim’s Thoughts of the Week: Imperfect Balance

Apr 16, 2016 Comments Off on Kim’s Thoughts of the Week: Imperfect Balance

Imperfect Balance

Our goal in life is to have balance. What does balance mean to you? Do you start your day writing a list or using a planner? What happens when things don’t go as planned? You might have a child that is not feeling well, an employee that calls in sick, or you just don’t feel up to conquering your list, so everything you have planned for falls apart. If you have been maintaining your life and your list, then it is not going to be as hard to pick up the pieces. Keep balance in making sure that you are always honoring your bodies, minds, and souls. Start everyday by fueling your body with food that is healthy, proper exercise, and taking care of your responsible list as an individual. When you get that phone call saying that everything you worked so hard to put together is knocked out of balance, it won’t be so hard on you because you have been filling your cup daily.”

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