How to Use Online Coupons to Maximize Savings:

Apr 19, 2011 814 Comments

1.   Crack the code.  If you see a box asking for a promotional code, don’t skip over it or you will miss out on big savings.  Search for a code with the retailers name along with the term “promotional code” or go to aggregator sites like, and which organize thousands of online coupons for retailers like Target, Macy’s, HP, Travelocity, 1-800 Flowers and more.  The sites aggregate codes by category, store name and holiday deals to help you to save time and money when looking for a specific offer.
2.   Stack codes.  Some retailers allow you to use more than one coupon or code on the same offer.  For instance, use a 25% off coupon along with a free shipping code or use a promotional code with a sale or clearance item to maximize savings. For example, offers $7 off $70 at Target which can be used on any of the stores discounted products.
3.   Stock up to increase code savings.  Purchasing more may qualify you for a better value coupon like $30 off $100.  In this case, combine your shopping and buy multiple gifts from the same retailer to benefit from the discount, or ask a friend or family member to jump in on the purchase so you don’t miss out on the savings.
4.   De-code shipping fees.  If one retailer doesn’t offer free shipping this holiday season, another one will so search around for the brand with the best offer.  Search for a free overnight, two-day or priority shipping code from retailers like Verizon, DELL & JCPenney.  And, mark your calendar for “Free Shipping Day” on December 17th to get gifts delivered just in time for the holidays–for free!
5.   Compare codes. The key to saving money is comparing prices among competitor stores and the same goes with online coupons.  Always compare money-saving codes among brands that offer the same or similar product to find the best value. features a unique coupon comparison tool called the CouponScout which allows you to compare coupons from up to five retailers side-by-side and all on the same screen. 6.   Be a social code shopper.  Follow your favorite retailer or promotional code website on Facebook or Twitter to get instant updates on the latest promotions and exclusive codes offered to their social media fan base.
7.   Don’t pay for codes!  This might be a sign that a website is untrustworthy.  There are plenty of promotional code aggregator sites that don’t require you to sign up or pay to access coupon codes. Coupons were created to save you money and shouldn’t cost anything to use!

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