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Radio Podcast- February 7, 2015

Guests: 6AM Show

mission oaks cafeLaura Papenfus and Brittany Hahn are joining us in studio from Mission Oaks Cafe in Camarillo! Every plate at Mission Oaks Cafe is made with the highest of quality, using fresh ingredients from local farms, enriching your dining experience. They will be giving us information about their upcoming elegant wine pairing nights that include a four course meal paired with four fantastic wines from a local winery! Visit for more info!



bethBeth Warren MS, RDN, CDN is the author of Living a Real Life with Real Food: How to Get Healthy, Lose Weight and Stay Energized – The Kosher Way. Beth approaches nutrition with real foods. Committed to simplifying what became the complicated world of nutrition, Beth promises to develop a realistic, personalized treatment plan for each of her clients. With evidence-based integrative nutrition strategies, she assesses each patient with a holistic, whole body approach.



stretchStretch Middleton is the third tallest player in Harlem Globetrotter team history, at 7-4. Basketball hasn’t been Stretch’s only athletic endeavor. He has also played baseball and tennis (imagine standing across the net, waiting for him to serve to you), and to stay in shape, he swims and jumps rope… it’s a pretty long rope!





Guests: 7AM Show

shaelynDr. Shaelyn Pham is a licensed psychologist, bestselling author, speaker, and consultant as well as the principal and founder of PSHH. She has been practicing in the field of psychology for over a decade and has helped close to 1000 people. Her areas of clinical focus include children, adolescents, and adults with mood disorders (i.e., depression, bi-polar), anxiety, anger management, trauma, addictions, and personality disorders.




wendyDr. Wendy Treynor is a teacher of love & self-love, cancer survivor,and workplace bullying survivor-turned social scientistand thought leader on being true to you and happiness, who shows us how to build an inclusive and ethical culture in the global workplace–and beyond. With warmth and humor, as both storyteller and scholar, entertainer and expert, Dr. Wendy inspires us to overcome perceived obstacles and live up to our true potential as she shares findings from ground-breaking research in Social Psychology.



Guests: 2PM “The Brighter Side of Recovery” Sponsored by SOBA Recovery Center

candaceCandace Plattor is the author of two award winning books, Loving an Addict, Loving Yourself: The Top 10 Survival Tips for Loving Someone with an Addiction, and Loving an Addict, Loving Yourself: The Workbook, and knows from personal experience what it means to be an addict. Within a year of being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 1973, she found herself in the throes of prescription drug addiction, which included such medications as Valium, Codeine and Demerol.



debraDebra Alessandra’s background as an Educator, Prevention Specialist, and Counselor in the Drug and Alcohol field has prompted her to help young children with her new book, 12 Steps 12 Stories: Spiritual messages of recovery for children and the child in you. Debra has seen first-hand the effects on children especially within families where alcohol and substance abuse occurs. She believes her book will result in untold benefits, not only for the child but for the family and ultimately society as a whole.



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Radio Podcast- January 31, 2015

Guests: 6AM Show

Dr. Tracy Bennett is a parent, psychologist and professor. Her practice saw many cases of kids who had been or were being victimized. Her own kids’ internet use was slipping, so she created a sensible, easy to use internet safety program for parents. The program Tracy developed, ‘Get Kids Internet Safe’, gives parents specific and comprehensive guidelines. It provides answers based on psychological research and expert clinical and mothering experience.

Heather Pace is a classically trained chef and has gained valuable knowledge, experience, and all the food industry has to offer. She has worked in various restaurants, bakeries, and as a personal chef. Now, as a health-conscious raw vegan, she owns a raw food catering business, teaches raw food classes internationally, and has hosted several raw dessert challenges on her blog. You can find her dessert, eBooks, and recipes on her website, Heather is also a certified Kripalu yoga instructor and a keen world traveler.


Guests: 7AM Show

Dr. Sue Johnson is an author, clinical psychologist, researcher, professor, popular presenter and speaker and a leading innovator in the field of couple therapy. Sue is the primary developer of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), which has demonstrated its effectiveness in over 25 years of peer-reviewed clinical research. As author of the best-selling book: Hold Me Tight, Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love, Sue Johnson has created for the general public, a self-help version of her groundbreaking research about relationships – how to enhance them, how to repair them and how to keep them.

Esther Blum is a wife, mother to a wonderful boy, friend, avid reader, networker, photographer, humorist, hunter-gatherer, clinical and holistic dietitian with 20+ years of experience, and bestselling author of Eat, Drink, and Be Gorgeous, Secrets of Gorgeous, The Eat, Drink, and Be Gorgeous Project, and Cavewomen Don’t Get Fat. Esther has appeared on the Today Show, FOX-5 News, ABC-TV, and Good Day NY. She is frequently quoted in Time Magazine, The New York Post, The Los Angeles Times, In Style, Martha Stewart Weddings, Bazaar, Self, Fitness, Marie Claire, and Cosmo.


Guests: 2PM “The Brighter Side of Recovery Show” Sponsored by SOBA Recovery Center

Dr. Allen Berger is a talented psychotherapist who has written extensively about the experience of recovery, emotional sobriety, and the psychological forces operating in the Twelve Steps. He is the author of 12 Stupid Things that Mess Up Recovery, 12 Smart Things to do When the Booze and Drugs are Gone, and 12 Hidden Rewards of Making Amends. You can learn more about Dr. Berger and his work at

Kyle Simon will be talking about Jennifer Aniston’s new film “Cake” and how it offers a sobering glimpse into prescription drug abuse mentally. Mr. Simon is the Director of Policy and Advocacy at the Center for Lawful Access and Abuse Deterrence. In his role, he manages policy and advocacy initiatives, provides policy analysis and drafting, directs rapid response efforts, and oversees a coalition of allied organizations focused on advancing common goals. His background includes several years of health care policy, advocacy, and political experience.


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Radio Podcast- January 24, 2015

Guests: 6AM Show

Stephanie Coltrin is the director of The Last Five Years musical that is currently showing at the Rubicon Theatre in Ventura, CA. Winner of the New York Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Musical, The Last Five Years is a funny, honest and intimate pop musical about  two twenty-something New Yorkers who meet, fall in love, and try to hold on to each other when life leads them in different directions.

Kathi Lipp inspires thousands of women each year to take beneficial steps in their personal, marital and spiritual lives through purposeful living. With humor and wisdom, Kathi offers hope paired with practical steps to live each facet of our lives with meaning. When she’s not doing laundry, Kathi is speaking at retreats, conferences and women’s events across the US. She is also the author of Clutter Free – Quick and Easy Steps to Simplifying Your Space!


Guests: 7AM Show

Brett Wade, Ph.D., explores how electromagnetic waves can give you your healthiest life in his book Ekahi Method – Master the Waves of Life. The harmonies between different types of people, things, and environments are what we refer to casually every day as “good vibes.” In this fascinating new book, Dr. Wade teaches you how to find your “Base Frequency,” and to find the waves (and people!) to which you are most in tune.

Mj Holt is a Clinically Certified Thermographer AND a Nationally Licensed Massage Therapist with over 25 years of bodywork experience with certifications in Swedish/Deep Tissue/Neuromuscular/Lymphatic (infant to geriatric), Pre/Post-Natal, Esalen massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Positional Release Therapy, Reiki III, and is a Touching the Light Practitioner. She aides others in physically feeling better and relieving stress.


Guests: 2PM Show

Deborah Kagan is an educator / author / Sensual Lifestyle Specialist. She helps women tap into their innate power to make more money, reduce stress and create thriving relationships. Her clients have experienced 7-figure incomes, stronger health, better sex and greater self-esteem. She is the #1 best-selling author of Find Your ME Spot: 52 Ways to Reclaim Your Confidence, Feel Good in Your Own Skin and Live a Turned On Life and the forthcoming The Sensually Empowered Woman.

Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo started her professional career as a Physical Therapist after getting her Master’s degree at Duke University. It was then that she realized that every goal we have, whether it is related to our bodies, relationships, work or life, requires a significant mental edge in order to achieve it. Her new book, Better Than Perfect: 7 Strategies to Crush Your Inner Critic and Create a Life You Love, offers the ultimate goal of helping readers achieve happiness and prosperity without the stress of making sure things are “perfect”.


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Radio Podcast- January 17, 2015

Guests: 6AM Show

Lisa Leake is the creator of the wildly popular 100 Days of Real Food blog, which in just a few years garnered more than one million Facebook fans and approximately four million monthly page views. Her book includes recipes and practical advice for ditching processed foods and transitioning to a real food lifestyle. She lives with her husband and two daughters in Matthews, North Carolina.

Stephanie Bucklin is an expert in field of Holistic Wellness. She has been a Life Coach/Holistic Wellness Coach for over six years. She founded the Holistic Wellness Community Center in Ventura County on the premise that individuals must take personal responsibility for their wellness. Services offered include wellness & life coaching, yoga instruction, event planning, and motivational public speaking.

Wayne M. Levine, M.A. is the director of BetterMen Coaching in Agoura Hills, CA where he coaches men to be the best men, fathers, husbands and leaders they can be. He also facilitates men’s groups, and created the BetterMen Retreats for men. Over the years, his practice has expanded to support couples, young men and families. In addition, he is the author of the best-selling “Hold On to Your N.U.T.s—The Relationship Manual for Men.”


Guests: 7AM Show

Simone Gao was born in China and now lives in Tehachapi, CA outside of Bakersfield with her husband and son. At age 24, she came to the University of Southern California where she earned a Master’s Degree in Communications Management. Gao is an award-winning journalist and host of Zooming In at NDTV Los Angeles. In 2005-2006 she served as emcee of the New Tang Dynasty Television’s Chinese New Year Gala (which evolved into Shen Yun Performing Arts in 2007).

Asher Fox is a Subconscious Behaviorist, Cognitive Behavioral Coach, and Clinical Hypnotherapist, who for over 18 years has specialized in helping those who suffer from being chronically overweight heal the subconscious issues that drive them to eat emotionally as well as working with singles to break free from unhealthy relationship patterns that leave them feeling alone and unfulfilled.

Beverley Golden is a writer, raconteur, wordsmitherer, song creator, soul hippie, peacenik and self-professed guinea pig, who loves testing unconventional ways to shift paradigms in the playing fields of health care, storytelling and of course, world peace. Her new humorous and intuitive memoir, Confessions of a Middle-Aged Hippie, teaches us not only about hope and fulfillment, but also how to find a way to survive when reality looks like it’s against you.


Guests: 2PM “The Brighter Side of Recovery Show”

Dr. Adi Jaffe is the clinical director at Alternatives Treatment Center. Dr. Jaffe practices Moderation, and really helps patients dive into the roots of unhealthy substance abuse. While not every patient meets the criteria for moderation, Dr. Jaffe and his team carefully work with patients to discover why these habits have formed, and help he or she relearn how to drink safely and moderately. Moderation provides patients with an alternative route towards recovery.

Deborah King is a recognized media personality, spiritual teacher, health and wellness expert, and New York Times best-selling author who was a successful attorney in her 20s when a diagnosis of cancer sent her on a search for truth that radically changed her life. Unwilling to undergo invasive surgery, she turned to alternative medicine and had an amazing remission. Leaving the corporate arena for the world of energy medicine, Deborah mastered ancient and modern healing systems, ultimately developing a powerful healing technique of her own.

Warren Broad is a clinical hypnotherapist, honors addictions coach, therapist, friend, and life coach to many. After 7 years of private practice Warren Broad has what it takes to get you on track! As an author, speaker, and therapist Warren continues to search for new and innovative ways to help you through your unique issues.


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Radio Podcast- January 10, 2015

Guests: AM Show

Michael Cotton is the Founder and Owner of Higher Brain Living®. The Higher Brain Living® technique is a revolutionary gentle-touch process where a trained facilitator activates specific points in the body in a specific sequence with specific timing, creating a surge of energy from the primal fear-based lower brain into the prefrontal cortex, the seat of the Higher Brain.

Paul White is a Teacher and the Director of Stronghold School Systems. Within the Stronghold School Systems, they approach academic learning, character building, employment, and life transformation from a spiritual perspective, because it yields results – in all areas – that simply can’t be achieved in any other way. They are conveniently located in Ventura, California.

Paulette Lambert, director of nutrition for the California Health & Longevity Institute (CHLI) in Westlake Village, says that anybody can master the dinnertime blues and create delicious, family-pleasing meals with a repertoire of 10 simple, healthy recipes. Her new cookbook is titled The Wellness Kitchen – Fresh, Flavorful Recipes for a Healthier You.


Guests: PM Show

Brenda Watson C.N.C., has been helping people achieve vibrant, lasting health through improved digestive function for more than 20 years. She is among the foremost authorities in America today on optimum nutrition and digestion, natural detoxification, and herbal internal cleansing. She is the author of the Skinny Gut Diet, which uncovers the real reason why diets just don’t work!

Karen Koenig is an expert on the psychology of eating. She can help you transform your eating habits — and your life — by developing effective life skills. With Koenig’s guidance, you’ll learn how to establish and maintain functional relationships, take care of yourself physically and emotionally, think rationally, and create a passionate, joyful, and meaningful life.

JJ Virgin is a Celebrity Nutrition & Fitness Expert, and three-time NY Times bestselling author. Her most recent book, JJ Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet: Drop 7 Hidden Sugars, Lose Up to 10 Pounds in Just 2 Weeks, shows how to identify sneaky sugars, crush your sugar addiction, and shift from being a sugar burner to a fat burner. JJ has helped hundreds of thousands of people finally lose the weight and feel better fast.


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Radio Podcast- January 3, 2015

Guests: AM Show

Jake Ducey is the author of The Purpose Principles – How to Draw More Meaning into Your Life. He offers a humorous, action-oriented approach for getting more meaning out of life, teaching you how to live with more excitement, productivity, clarity, and confidence.

Judi and Shari Zucker wrote The Ultimate Allergy-Free Cookbook to help millions of people suffering from food allergies. This book has over 150 easy to make, healthy recipes that do not contain wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, tree nuts or peanuts.

Mary Anne Radmacher is an author, artist, and professional speaker. Her book Lean Forward Into Your Life centers around two sets of key life lessons.
It is filled with stories of  passion and interest, tales from people that matter to her, poetry and the “songs” of her heart.


Guests: PM Recovery Show

Mendi Baron, founder and CEO of Evolve Treatment Centers, is a passionate advocate for teens in the fields of mental health and addiction. He created these treatment centers to help children and adolescents who are struggling with a variety of emotional and behavioral disorders and substance abuse issues.

Michelle Webber has a private practice as a psychotherapist and life coach in Beverly Hills, California where she works with individuals, couples and families, adolescents in crisis, substance abuse treatment and people in the entertainment industry. Additionally, she works with clients with HIV and AIDS and those with other types of long term and chronic illness.

Karen Strang Allen is a professional life coach and speaker, as well as one of the co-authors of Unwavering Strength – Stories to Inspire You Through Challenging Times. She loves learning about the mind-body-spirit connection and applying what she discovers in her daily life. She makes the spiritual practical, helping you find easy ways to make your life as awesome as you are!


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Radio Podcast- December 27, 2014

Guests: AM Show

Marc Mawhinney is the creator and host of Natural Born Coaches, the daily podcast for people in the coaching business. He will giving us ideas on how to build a better business in a timely format so you can get on with your day!

Peggy Caruso is an author and 8-time entrepreneur! She has created a simple guide in her new book to provide clarity and detailed guidance that will deliver positive results toward wealth building and personal happiness.


Guests: PM Show

David Brooke “That Gratitude Guy” is a speaker, teacher, and author. He will be showing us the incredible transformational power of what living in gratitude can do! He has proven that gratitude can lead straight to happiness!

Andrea Stauch & Samantha Schachtel are a mother-daughter duo and worked together to finish “Recalculating… The GPS for the Soul.” Everyone is searching for direction and purpose and their book enables the reader to find both!


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Radio Podcast- December 20, 2014

Guests: AM Show

Dr. Andrew Eisenberg- Top Flu Expert: Tips on How to Avoid the Next Flu Outbreak

Alison Jacobsen- “Safety Mom” Tech Tool That Can Keep Teens Safe, Save Money, and Help Run Your Household Smoothly

Tim Francis- How the Public and Business Owners Can Safeguard Against Common Types of Theft During the Holidays


Guests: PM Show

Matthew Locricchio- Author of “Teen Cuisine” Easy & Delicious Recipes for Teens

Monica Smith- Caregivers Playing a Vital Role in the Health of Americans with Bladder Cancer

Ryan McCurdy- “Intel Experience” at Best Buy Stores Across the Country


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Radio Podcast- December 13, 2014

Guests: AM Show

Carla Renata- Plays a Memorable Character on the TV Show Hart of Dixie

Dr. Mario Martinez- “The Mind Body Code – How to Change the Beliefs that Limit Your Health, Longevity, and Success”

Firman Brown & Tony Cicero- Centre for Art & Talk located in Ventura


Guests: PM Show

Frances Starr- Nutritionist and Health Coach “How You Can “Become” the Best Version of Yourself in 2015″

Prudence Gensman- “MindSet ReSetTM: A Passage to Choice”

Warren Bowbrow- “WHISKEY COCKTAILS Rediscovered Classics and Contemporary Craft Drinks Using the World’s Most Popular Spirit”


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Radio Podcast- December 6, 2014

Guests: AM Show

Carole Brody Fleet- “Happily Even After – A Guide to Getting Through (and beyond) the Grief of Widowhood”

Brian McDonald and Jamie Torcellini- A Tuna Christmas at the Rubicon Theatre

Rebecca Pecsok- Somis Nut House – Your Source for Nuts, Dried Fruits, Gift Baskets, Candies, and Trail Mix!


Guests: PM Show

Sally Kirkland- Oscar Nominee/Golden Globe Award Winner

Huck Flyn- Blues Guitarist, Comic & Author

Marney Makridakis about her book “HOP, SKIP, JUMP – 75 Ways to Playfully Manifest a Meaningful Life”


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